Gold Class Bug & Tar Remover

Gold Class Bug & Tar Remover
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G-10716 Meguiar's® Gold Class Bug & Tar Remover

Bug splatter and road tar are highly adhesive and when left in place, will bond to your paint, potentially causing etching or staining. The Meguiar's® Gold Class Bug & Tar Remover is specifically designed to remove these extra tough subtances before they damage your finish. For safe and effective removal of contaminants, we suggest using a high quality microfiber towel for agitation and wipe off.

  • No scrubbing, rubbing, smudges or smears
  • Dissolves bugs & road tars
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Superb product!! Love how easy it was to wipe off those bug and tar stains..certain spot requires two times application but all of the bug and tar stains are gone now!~! Great work and thanks for the speedy delivery! Ramesh

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